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In pictures: Organizers of "silent protests" launch new anti-government campaign

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An online group called “The Revolution through Social Networks,” which organized a wave of “silent protests” across Belarus earlier this year, has launched a new anti-government campaign.
In a statement issued this week, the group called on its supporters to fix anti-government signs in public places.
“Do you want to say something to the authorities? Put up a sign!” the group said.
Spokesman Uladzimir Kumets told BelaPAN that activists had already fixed signs in Brest, Vitsyebsk and Navapolatsk. Young people, who are members of opposition groups called European Belarus and Malady Front, fixed anti-Lukashenka signs in Minsk.
In Brest, however, two activists of Belarusian Christian Democracy affiliated with the online group, Dzmitry Shurkhay and Alyaksandr Charkashyn, were grabbed by police while fixing a sign, said Mr. Kumets.

1 – A sign reading, “Luka [Lukashenka`s nickname] is not our president,” in Vitsyebsk
2 – A sign “Luka give back our money” in Brest
3, 4 – Anti-government signs in Minsk, reading "We are not slaves" and "It is nice with Lukashenka, right?"




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