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Civilized countries should stay above revenge and abolish death penalty, EU official says

By Adarya Hushtyn, BelaPAN
Minsk, 10 March. Civilized countries should stay above revenge and abolish the death penalty, Stavros Lambrinidis, the European Union’s special representative for human rights, said during a UN-organized conference in Minsk on Thursday.

Most countries have already abolished the death penalty, Mr. Lambrinidis said. The number of abolitionist countries has increased from nine in 1965 to 16 in 1978 and more than 150 in 2016, he said.
Mr. Lambrinidis noted that Belarus was still applying the death penalty while 28 other European countries had already stopped executing prisoners.
Mr. Lambrinidis stressed that the availability of the death penalty as a sentencing option was not due to political and cultural factors. There are many differences between Iran and the United States, for example, but both countries have capital punishment, he said.
Mr. Lambrinidis questioned the Belarusian government’s argument that the death penalty cannot be abolished because a majority of the Belarusians had voted for it in the 1996 nationwide referendum. At that time, Belarus’ Criminal Code provided for 15 years in prison at most and had no such penalty as life imprisonment, he said.
Mr. Lambrinidis pointed out that although the people of many European countries had also been largely in favor of the death penalty before its abolition, their governments had gone against the popular will.
The anger of those who say that a child rapist and murderer deserves no better treatment is understandable, but people should not allow murderers to turn themselves into murderers, Mr. Lambrinidis said. It is the duty of civilized countries to be above revenge and the “eye for an eye” principle, he said.
Speaking at the conference, Deputy Foreign Minister Valyantsin Rybakow claimed that a majority of the Belarusian people still support the death penalty. He cited the results of the 1996 referendum and public opinion polls. “We cannot and will not ignore this fact, including in the context of our dialogue with our highly respected European partners,” he said.
Belarus is the only country in Europe and the post-Soviet region where the death sentence remains a sentencing option and prisoners are executed. The European Union and other international organizations have repeatedly called on the Belarusian government to abolish the death penalty or declare a moratorium on it.
Executions in Belarus are carried out by a gunshot to the back of the head. Neither the condemned nor relatives are told of the scheduled date of the execution, and the relatives are not informed of where the body is buried. A total of 407 people are known to have been sentenced to death in the history of independent Belarus, including two this year. Only one of these convicts was pardoned by Alyaksandr Lukashenka.




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