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Video: Mourners pay last respects to poetess Tatsyana Sapach

(BelaPAN Video/Vasil Syamashka)
Dozens of mourners turned out on Thursday to pay their last respects to Tatsyana Sapach, a prominent Belarusian poetess, journalist and translator, who was killed in a car crash on December 27.
The mourners filled the St. Elizabeth monastery at the Pawnochnyya cemetery in Minsk to honor the wife of famous Belarusian journalist and writer Syarhey Dubavets.
During the service, Mikhas Skobla, deputy head of the Union of Belarusian Writers, paid a tribute to the poetess.
He said that her poems did not contain a single unwanted line or sound. She had a perfect “ear for poetry,” Mr. Skobla said.
Another deputy head of the Union, Barys Pyatrovich, said that Tatsyana Sapach intended to make a documentary about former presidential candidate Uladzimir Nyaklyayew put into the KGB jail following the December 19 post-election protest in Minsk. “She wanted very much to help him and draw attention to his current circumstances,” Mr. Pyatrovich said, describing the poetess as a bright and cheerful person.
In an interview with BelaPAN, Union Chairman Ales Pashkevich said that Ms. Sapach was a “unique, bright and sunny person with a soft and sincere poetic voice.” “She was a poetess with an extremely organic talent,” he said.
The fatal accident occurred 100 kilometers away from Vilnius in Lithuania when the 48-year-old Sapach was traveling with her husband to Vilnius from Poland after visiting their daughter who had recently delivered her first baby.




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