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Belarus, Poland can boost bilateral trade to $3 billion, says House of Representatives member

By Alyaksey Alyaksandraw, BelaPAN
Minsk, 13 April. Belarus and Poland can increase annual bilateral trade to $3 billion, Andrey Navumovich, chairman of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Human Rights, Ethnic Relations and the Media who also chairs a working group for cooperation with the Polish parliament, said while meeting with a visiting delegation of Poland's Sejm (lower parliamentary house) in Minsk on Thursday.
"Our trade currently amounts up to $2 billion, which is insufficient for our economic relations," Mr. Navumovich said. "There is every reason to raise it by $1 billion."
Belarusian MPs have no taboo topics in the dialogue with members of the Sejm, he noted. “We discuss all issues, from politics and economy to social development, including healthcare, culture and education,” he said. “In addition, we hope to attract Polish investment, Polish capital to Belarus.”
It is economic cooperation that is the basis of Belarusian-Polish relations, Adam Andruszkiewicz, co-chairman of the Sejm’s group for cooperation with the Belarusian parliament, said at the meeting.
“Of course, we understand that history, culture and common heritage are important, but we realize very well that our society primarily expects economic results, so that people could simply become richer,” Mr. Andruszkiewicz stressed. “Polish businesspeople closely follow the situation in Belarus, they are ready to cooperate with the Belarusian side and invest in the country.”
Mr. Andruszkiewicz invited Belarusian MPs to visit Poland and familiarize themselves with the Sejm's activity.
The delegation of the Sejm stayed in Belarus from April 11 to April 13. The Polish MPs met with the leadership of the House of Representatives, visited Belarusian companies involving Polish capital, and laid wreaths at Kurapaty, a site of Stalin-era mass executions just outside the Minsk Beltway.




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